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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Rocking Red Lips


Some girls’ beauty routines are intensive labors of love, while others adhere to a minimalist philosophy. I definitely fall into the latter category. My AM routine usually involves hitting the snooze button to steal a few more minutes of beauty sleep, so I don’t have tons of time to apply makeup. 

But even though I have a lackadaisical beauty style, you would never know it. Why? I’ve mastered a way to rock bold red lips in just three steps. 

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Love red lips!


Coconut & Rose Body Scrub | The Beauty Department

This might be the most perfect beauty gift to give someone that I’ve seen in ages! Once you’ve layered your ingredients, the giftee (or you!) smushes it all up before rubbing it on. The coconut oil is at the bottom of the jar and looks ‘solid’ at room temperature. On top of that they have layered rose petals, then raw sugar and finally super moisturising jojoba oil!

I really want to try this:)

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